①The most beautiful spot to see Autumn leaves

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Hello, This is MASA.

Guest house haruri will be opening soon.

I prepare for opening please waiting for that.

Looking forward to seeing you.

And if you have any questions let us know anytime.


Anyway, Autumn is almost there. 

Have you seen autumn leave in Japan??

Tamba city which belongs to Hyogo prefecture is good to see that.

There are 9 spot in Tamba city.

How’s Autumn leave tour with stamp;)??

It will be good tour. 

Of course I can assist you;) 

Even you are in Japan end of Autumn, you can see them.


※Sorry, That is no English description.

If you want to know information please comment;) 


There are 3 pics. 

I took them last Autumn season. 

You love it?? I can bring out to see them when you stay at haruri.