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Hello!!  Nice to meet you!!

This is first time to post blog;)


I am MASA😄 Please remember me~~~!!


I will open small hostel in Tamba city in September.


I introduce about me a little bit😄


I have experience to go abroad such as exchange student, working holiday and traveling.


As exchange student

1st New Zealand (Hamilton) for 1month.

2nd Canada (Toronto) for 6 month.


As working holiday 

Australia (Almost east coast) for 1 year.


As traveling

1st United state

2nd Korea

3rd Taiwan


Why I want to open small hostel by my own??

When I travel in somewhere I choose to stay at hostel cuz I always meet somebody and to be friends. Just I love that situation. 

You know we don’t know each other before just meet and talking and chill out.

I want to make place which became to be friends😄😄


Also I have been experience working in the hostel for almost 3years.

It was good for me. I met a lot of guests who come from all of the world.

I thought strongly what I want;)


If you are interested in, Please contact me.

Anything is okay.