4/5/2019 haruri diary

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Hello I am MASA of haruri *\(^o^)/*


I will open small hostel in Tamba city in September.


There are super long holiday between 27th of Apr to 7th of May in Japan😱😱😱😱

It was totally 10 days!! it is not really common like that in Japan.


I had 3 days off in the term~~~😆✌️

One of that day, I went to my small hostel(haruri) for cleaning up rooms.

And some of my basketball team mate helped me as well~🧹🏡

I appreciate it😋!!


They worked harder that I expected🙄🙄haha

probably we did that for 3,4hours~!! sorry I forget to take pic before one.haha



After finished that we went to back Nara🚙💨

It was good fun we haven’t meet each other~😋!!


When we are backing home we want to play basketball😂🏀

So we played that.haha


We are around 30 years old,,,,,,

Can you guess??😱😱 We are out of shape.haha

Anyway Thanks again.

When it opens please visit to haruri again~🙋‍♂️✨🙋‍♂️✨


If you are interested in haruri please contact me~!!