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Hello Thank you for visiting haruri.

I move to haruri house a couple days ago.


Weeds grow up too much by raining. lol

I might be together with them in my future😑😑

I am going to cut them soon and that place will change to vegetable field😙😙

I will post about that when I do that.


Anyway, I move to haruri house nobody stay at here since a couple years.

Utilities is not working. 


This is first time experience for me.

・Find out some company

・contact with them and inspection

・getting a estimate🤑🤑💸


I am enjoy this situation i can not have experience ever after open haruri.


If you have any questions let us know anytime.

I always welcome to you.


Mail :

Line ID : maoctsa  

TEl : 080-4249-0238